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Good to meet you

I'm Tucker MonticelliA Creative BuddhaA DaydreamerBurning Incense

I'm Tucker MonticelliA Creative BuddhaA DaydreamerBurning Incense

Lets create something amazing.

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  • Phone : 775.338.3881

  • Location: Reno, NV

A little about me.

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible."

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

My name is Tucker Monticelli, I'm 29 years old, Libra and INTP personality type. My mom's side of the family came to Nevada in 1860 on stagecoach (before Reno was a city), my dad's family immigrated from Italy to Reno, Nevada in 1920, making me an eighth generation native Nevadan. I studied graphic design in high school as well as at Truckee Meadows Community Collage where I received an Associates of Applied Science degree, graduating top of my class receiving 5 Student Addy Awards and 5 student gallery and art show awards.

I love experimental and dark photography and art. I have had my photography featured in Bliss Babe Magazine, Getaway Reno Tahoe Magazine, and won the 2016 Art Slaves Art Show for audience choice for photography. I was published in Photographers Forum Magazine's 2016 'best photography of the year' book.

Professionally I have won over 20+ awards in Design and advertising including two best of show awards as lead designer at Design on Edge.

My interests include art, photography, electronic, downtempo and triphop music. I have quite a nerdy side and enjoy RPG and horror video games, Dungeons & Dragons, comic books and science fiction. I'm also spiritual in nature and follow both Buddhism and aspects of Taoism.


What can I do for you?

Let's whip out our digital paint brush and create award-winning social media campaigns, mesmerizing web design, and print perfection.


Where better to start than the ever-changing digital landscape? I am versed in all platforms and digital advertising.



Interactive visually compelling sites help tell your story and excite viewers. 



Mastering print is like a badge of honor. Weather you need packaging that flies of the shelf, or brochures, menus or magazine design. I've done it all.



I have delved into the depth of digital tools and software, I know a bit about it all.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Spark AR
Blender / Unreal

My past experience

I have had great opportunities to work alongside some of the best and up and coming design firms in Northern Nevada. I have worked on projects spanning Nevada, California, Montana, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and the U.K.

Design on Edge

Lead Designer (2016 - 2021)

In 2016 I was selected to intern at the boutique agency, Design on Edge. This experience was instrumental in my growth as a designer and conceptual brand developer. After only 1 month I was hired as a full time designer and continued not only to hone my craft, but also to go on to win an astounding 20+ awards in Design, web and packaging including Congressional, State and National recognitions.

The Abbi Agency

Art Director (2021-now)

In 2022 I started with The Abbi Agency and it's spit-fire team. I have worked on large branding and identity projects for some major players in Nevada and across the nation, including Nevada Health Link, The Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Murrieta Ca. , Morro Bay Ca., and Fallon Nv.